Dental Implants in Bayside

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Bayside dental implants

Should you get dental implants or dentures? When you know the differences, along with the pros and cons of each, it is much easier to make a decision. Our dental implants in Bayside have many benefits, but that doesn’t mean they’re the ideal choice for everyone. For some, dentures might be the more suitable option.

Bayside dental implants

The advantages of dentures include the fact that they are less costly than implants and they can be completed more quickly. It is a matter of your priorities, of course. On the downside, dentures are not as dependable as our dental implants in Bayside when it comes to chewing and speaking. You see, dentures are removable and held in with dental adhesive when you decide to wear them. This makes them easy to use, but they can slide even with the proper application of adhesive. On the other hand, with implants, they are not just a surface appliance like dentures; placed on top of your gums. Instead, implants replace both the tooth and the root. The titanium post that replaces the root of your old tooth is put into your jaw surgically. Over several months, your jawbone grows around it and fuses with it. A tooth-colored crown is then cemented to the top. That is why our dental implants in Bayside look, feel, and act like a natural tooth does. Dentures can last for a long time, but implants can last for life with proper care. If your jawbone is not sufficiently strong and thick to hold an implant, however, dentures become an even simpler and cheaper solution. Implants can still be placed if you undergo bone grafting for your jaw, though. This does increase the time factor as well as the cost.

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